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Welcome Bitless, Bridleless & Liberty Equestrians! 

Bitless Inc is the place for you


What is Bitless Inc?

Bitless Inc is a non profit, National Equestrian Association for Riders, Drivers and Groundwork Handlers who wish to train and compete bitless, bridleless or at liberty. 

Bitless Inc was formed in 2013 by a group of bitless riders and drivers who felt that, by bringing together the bitless community, we could make a difference in the horse world, and campaign for rule changes in competition.

Bitless equestrians in Australia are spread far and wide across this huge continent, and as they are often unwelcome in local competitive clubs, they may be isolated and alone, or in small groups, unrepresented by any equestrian body.  While some clubs and groups permit bitless horses, it can be hard to find out who and where they are.  If only there was a way for us all to find each other and network in a supportive environment. 

Hence, the creation of Bitless Inc.  By providing Members with insurance equivalent to or better than other equestrian associations, Bitless Inc is a supportive, rather than a governing body, we represent, rather than control, bitless riders and drivers, and aim show the general equestrian community that there is a better way.

Any existing club or association can choose to allow our members to participate at no cost to the organisers, and we will be working hard to campaign for more competitive opportunities for our members, by networking with existing organisations, and events, as well as helping new independant clubs form.  As our numbers grow, so will our opportunities.  Join us and be part of history in the making!    

Why "Bitless Inc"?

Bitless Inc (Bitless Incorporated) stands for much more than just riding in bitless bridles. Riders and drivers often turn to bitless for a reason, whether that be horse welfare, wanting a kinder way of handling their horses or as a way of measuring the relationship between horse and rider.  This may lead to riding bridleless with or without a neck rope, and liberty while on the ground, with no ropes or sticks or other tools.  Most of us have had dreams of riding our horses bareback and bridleless on a beach or across a field, with complete trust and unity with our horse, but how many of us actually achieve that dream?  And why not?  Bitless is just the beginning, and a common starting point for many of a us to a new path of understanding and communicating with our horses, however far that may take us from the conventional, and closer to the dreams that lead us to horses in the first place.

 Bitless Inc Members may be involved in a wide variety of equestrian sports and activities, our common interest is simply not using unecessary gadgets on our animals. Bitless Inc has no restriction of what activities you may participate in with your horse, and welcomes diversity.  "Less is more" is a common theme, and something we should never have to compromise on.  Bitless Inc promotes higher horse welfare in equestrian sports, and our Code of Conduct, which all Members abide by, supports that aim.  By joining Bitless inc, you committ to putting your horse first.

Bitless is our broad foundation, and where our name comes from, what you want to build on that foundation, is up to you, and we're with you - all the way!  Bitless Inc welcomes you to our community.


Why Go Bitless?

Anything you can do with a bit, you can do bitless. Studies have shown bitless horses are safer, experience less stress, and experience less pain than their bitted counterparts (Cook 2013, Quick & Warren-Smith 2009, Hentcy 2001).  How could any horse lover ignore this research?  Many myths and misconceptions surround the use of bits for control, and in this digital age of unlimited information, there really is no reason for any well intentioned equestrian not to be educated about their decisions. Hidden Brook Farm have compiled a collection of bitless misconceptions here

Click Here for more information, articles, published research and references.  Have a look at the photos and videos in our Online Shows from 20142015 to see our Members in action!


How Can My Club Be Involved?

Bitless Inc offers memberships to individuals only, but this has many benefits for Clubs and informal groups of equestrians.  Its never been easier to organise bitless friendly training days or events, or even start your own Bitless Inc Hoof Sports Club. Click Here to learn more.



Bitless Inc Objectives


 (1) Represent the common interests of Bitless Inc Members in Australia

(2) Unite a community of like-minded equestrians and estimate how many bitless equestrians may exist in Australia

(3) Provide the Australian bitless equestrian community with affordable and appropriate insurance cover

(4) To promote and support genuine competitive opportunities for Bitless Inc Members

(5)  Ensure the safety of members by promoting and encouraging compliance with safety standards in training, competition and public displays

(6) Promote higher horse welfare in equestrian sports

(7) Encourage and assist Members and Guests to transition away from using bits

(8) Establish and maintain a Bitless Bridle Bank that can be leased to members and other Australian affiliated organisations

(9) Network with other clubs, groups, organisations, trainers and commercial entities that support the ideals and objectives of Bitless Inc Members

 (10) Remind the general equestrian community that having horses is supposed to be fun!


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