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Bitless Inc Annual Online Show




Monday 10th April to Monday 31st July 2017 


The Bitless Inc Annual Online Show is open to any bitless equestrian around the world.  The Show includes photo and video classes. 

Please ensure you have read the Class descriptions (and see examples in our past Shows) and Terms & Conditions HERE prior to entering.

Entries can be viewed below.

  • The show runs from 10th April to 31st July 2017.  No entries will be accepted after this time.
  • Classes will be judged by professionals in the equestrian industry. Judges will be announced prior to the close of competition.
  • Bitless Inc Members, including Advocate (international) members, may enter each class once for free, additional entries in the same class are AU$5.00 each, including the Members Only Novelty Classes.
  • Non members of Bitless Inc, including international participants, can enter for AU$5.00 in any class, excluding Novelty Classes. 

Photos and videos will be published below at least once a week until the closing date.

Online Show Queries and Entries: onlineshow@bitlessinc.org.au 



Showing Ring (Photos):
For Entry Details, Click Here.

  1. Ridden Equine
  2. Driven Equine/s (single or multiple)
  3. Long Reined Equine/s (single or multiple)
  4. Liberty Equine
  5. Bareback and Bridle-less (neckrope/cordeo is permitted, no saddle pads or halters)
  6. Leading Rein (youngsters riding an equine lead by an adult) - free entry applies if the adult and/or child are a Member
  7. Other Animals Ridden
  8. Other Animals Driven or Long Reined
  9. Ridden Competitve Equine
  10. Driven or Long Reined Competitive Equine/s

    Showing Champion & Reserve

    Sporting Ring (Photos):
    All classes may be entered Ridden, Driven, In Hand or At Liberty.  Bridles, saddles, and neckropes are optional.
    For Class Details, Click Here.
  11. Dressage
  12. Jumping  (showjumping, cross country, cross rails)
  13. Trails/Endurance/Trec
  14. Obstacles - Over (or On an obstacle)
  15. Obstacles - Under (or In an obstacle)
  16. Mounted Games/gymkhana (individual)
  17. Historical/Re-enactment
  18. Australian Sports (campdrafting, stock horse trials etc)
  19. American (Western) Sports (reining, trail horse etc)
  20. European Sports (working equitation, mounted archery, haute ecole etc)
  21. Team Sports (polo, polocrosse, team penning, drill teams etc) Note: all horses visible in the photograph must be bitless

    Sporting Champion & Reserve

    Video Ring:

    All video entries, excluding Classes 38 & 39, must be filmed especially for this competition by downloading the course/s below.
    For Video Entry Details, and course downloads, Click Here.
  22. Dressage - Walk/Trot (Ridden)
  23. Dressage - Canter Included (Ridden)
  24. Freestyle Dressage to music - Walk/Trot (Ridden) 
  25. Freestyle Dressage to music - Canter included (Ridden) 
  26. Driven Dressage - Walk/Trot (Singles or Multiples) 
  27. Driven Dressage - Canter Included (Singles or Multiples)
  28. Showjumping - under 50cm (Ridden) 
  29. Showjumping - over 50cm (Ridden) 
  30. Showjumping - (Inhand or Liberty) 
  31. Agility - In Hand 
  32. Agility - Liberty 
  33. Agility - Ridden
  34. Gymkhana: Strip Poker - the bitless game (Ridden) 
  35. Gymkhana: Strip Poker - the bitless game (Driven) 
  36. Gymkhana: Weaving Poles - (Ridden) 
  37. Gymkhana: Weaving Poles - (Driven) 
  38. Dancing With Your Horse 
  39. Recall/Come Videos

    Video Champion & Reserve

    Novelty Ring (Photos)

    Novelty classes are open to Bitless Inc Members only.
    For Class Details Click Here.

  40. First Time Bitless or Bridle-less
  41. Trick Horse
  42. Equine/Owner Look A Likes
  43. Yoga with Equine/s
  44. Equines with Jobs
  45. View from Between the Ears 
  46. Golden Oldies
  47. Most Bitless Horses In One Photo 
  48. Bitless Memes

    Novelty Champion & Reserve

    Show Grand Champion & Reserve

    Best Junior Award

    Best Bitless Horse or Pony

    Best Bridleless Horse or Pony Award

    Best Liberty Horse or Pony Award

    Best Non-Equine Award

HOW TO ENTER (Click Here)

Photos and videos will be published on this page.

Online Show Queries, Registrations and Entries: onlineshow@bitlessinc.org.au

Good Luck and have fun!!


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