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Bitless Inc Hoof Sports Clubs

Bitless Inc provides public liability and personal injury insurance, as well as support, information and a community to individuals only.   Members may then go on to pursue whatever sport or activity interests them, whether in the saddle, in a carriage, or on the ground - even without bits, bridles, or leadropes.  Members are covered during any non commercial (business) activity.  This can be formal club events, competitions at equestrian centres, public displays or during informal gatherings with friends.  This means that more small groups can now afford to form clubs and run events or play days, or remain informal friendly gatherings, without excessive interference from governing bodies, complicated politics or unsuitable rules.  Hoof Sports Clubs are new groups that form with Bitless Inc Members and are an extension of Bitless Inc.  Existing clubs and groups, can also run under Bitless Inc as Independant Clubs.  

All Members must notify Bitless Inc in advance of any formal or informal activities intending to run under Bitless Inc's insurance cover, by placing a public listing in the Member's Forum advertising the event, or on the Member's Forum Calendar.


Hoof Sports Clubs


    Dural Hoof Sports  


    Geraldton Hoof Sports


    Kangaroo Island Hoof Sports **NEW!**


Starting A Hoof Sports Club

Hoof Sports Clubs are intended to fill a gap in your local Equestrian Community.  If clubs already exist that welcome bitless and bridle-less horses, and provide the activities you wish to participate in, then they should be supported and commended!  However if there are no local clubs that welcome bitless, or the sports you wish to participate in are not already catered for, then starting a Hoof Sports Club might be just what you are looking for! 

  • Hoof Sports Clubs are an extension of Bitless Inc. 
  • Hoof Sports Clubs are not sport specific, each club will offer different sports or activities
  • Hoof Sports Clubs may be riding, driving or groundwork clubs, or a combination of all three
  • Hoof Sports Clubs will always welcome bitless horses, and may or may not accept bitted horses
  • Hoof Sports Clubs will always place the horse above egos and competition
  • Hoof Sports Clubs can be formed with a minimum of 2 Bitless Inc Members, and grow from there
  • Hoof Sports Clubs might be social clubs, non-competitive, or competitive
  • All Hoof Sports Club participants must be Bitless Inc Members or Guests

All potential Hoof Sports Clubs must obtain written approval from Bitless Inc prior to commencing operations as, or advertising/promotion of, a Hoof Sports Club. 

Want more information on starting a Hoof Sports Club?  Click Here to request an information pack.


Independant Clubs

Existing, incorporated clubs may wish to convert from another association to run under Bitless Inc's Rules, Regulations and Insurance to allow bitless, bridle-less and liberty activities.  Bitless Inc is not sport specific, there are no additional event fees or charges to run any ridden, driven or groundwork activities.  By meeting certain conditions, you can welcome Guests to participate at your events with day membership.  New clubs can also form this way, although there are more benefits for new clubs to start out as a Hoof Sports Club.

All interested Independant Clubs must obtain written approval from Bitless Inc prior to making Bitless Inc membership a prerequisite of Club Membership, or naming or implicating Bitless Inc in any legal document (such as, but not limited to: membership or event applications, club websites etc) 

Want more information on affiliating your club with Bitless Inc?  Click Here to request an information pack


Associations & Clubs That Welcome Bitless Horses

Established larger Clubs or Associations that are bitless friendly, may wish to network or associate with Bitless Inc.  One of Bitless Inc's Objectives is to unite and network with the bitless community of Australia, and we'd love to hear from you.  Bitless Inc supports and commends any Club or Association that welcomes bitless and bridle-less horses, and to show our support, we will list your club on our Bitless Friendly Clubs & Groups.  There is no cost to your Club, and no obligations to Bitless Inc, except to continue to welcome bitless horses at your Club Activities.


If you have any further questions or concerns about Bitless Inc Membership and its bearing on your Club or Group, please contact the Bitless Inc Secretary, Click Here.

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