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Bitless Inc Annual Online Show

1st June - 3rd August 2015


The Show is now closed! Judging has commenced!

Winners will be announced here by the end of August.

The Bitless Inc Annual Online Show is open to any bitless or bridle-less equestrian internationally. 
The show includes photo and video classes with Placing Ribbons to 4th Place.  The Winners of
each Class are eligible for Ring Champion & Reserve, and Ring Champions are eligible to win
Grand Champion & Reserve.

Classes and Entries are listed below.  Click Here to view the full Program and How To Enter

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2015 Online Show Judges:

Amy Curran - (NSW Australia)

   Amy owns and operates Aliyah Arabians in the Blue Mountains
   of NSW, with her husband and four children.  She runs a successful
   photography business, and is known as one of the best child and
   pet photographers in the state.  In her competition career, Amy
   competed at a National and Royal Level, and was a qualified
   Dressage Judge and NCAS EFA Instructor.  She particularly enjoys
   teaching children, and they enjoy her encouraging ways.

 Kris Dobbie - (WA Australia)

  Kris lives in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia.  She competed
  sucessfully as a teenager, then became a riding school instructor and
  breaker/trainer and also  trained at the Spanish riding academy El Caballo.  

  Kris always used different obstacles for training and breaking horses to 
  keep their minds active and to help with groundwork, so when Horse Agility
  was born as a sport, Kris was quick to get involved..  Kris became the
  second horse agility judge/trainer in Australia, and was the first Australian
  to reach Advanced Level in the Online Competition League, with her pony Bubbles.

  Kris' vision is to offer every horse love and even better relationship their their
  horse, to ensure a safe partnership with confidence and harmony.

   Chris Hope - (WA Australia)

  Chris Hope is orginally from the UK, now living in Western Australia.  She
  has been a dressage judge both in the UK and in Australia for some time. 
  In her riding career she evented before moving into pur dressage and trained
  her Thoroughbred dressage horse at home in a bitless bridle, only changing
  to a bit for a short time to do warm up and competition at medium level.  Chris
  is a very enthusiastic judge and has provided valuable feedback on the TSAI
  training dressage Rules and tests that are being used in this year's Bitless Inc
  Annual Online Show.

Leslie Nichols - (United States)

  Leslie Nichols is creator of Equine Liberty Sports™, a step-by-step on-line teaching
program that teaches horse owners all over the world how to teach their horses
  Liberty and how to become Liberty handlers.  Equine Liberty Sports is the culmination
  of many different forces and influences over a 10 year span in Leslie Nichols’ 2nd
  career as a horse trainer.  Leslie Nichols enjoyed horses as a teenager and returned
  to horses in later years, she began a process of self-education on training horses,
  using natural horsemanship methods. As she worked and played with her horses in
  this still new and radical way, and she soon retired from the advertising and marketing
  industry to become a full-time professional trainer. 
Click Here to visit Leslie Website.

  Max Pearce - (NSW, Australia)

  Max Pearce grew up in Bega NSW and had his first experience at harness driving at 
  age 8 withhis great grandfather (George Pearce).  Max’s passion for all things harness 
  and carriage driving began in that instant.

  An 8 year old Boyd Exell then came along, who, with his brother Kent spent the next
  10 years helping Max with his horses after school, on weekends and then every
  afternoon after work was spent working with the horses. They were always seen
  together at shows and competitions, with Boyd eventually driving Max's pony team in
  competitions while Max began to concentrate on Show Driving.

  Max has developed Beauwood Stud in to one of the leading carriage driving facilities in
  Australia offering coaching and education to both drivers and horses.
  Click Here to visit Max's Website.

  Sue Lewis (NSW, Australia)

  Bitless Inc President, Sue Lewis has spent a lifetime with horses, as a
  breaker, trainer and educator, and a horse welfare advocate.  Sue has
  trained horses to ride and drive, as well as liberty.
  Her passion for improving horse welfare standards in sport,  competition,
  as well as recreationally, lead to Sue's involvement in the founding of
  Bitless Inc, and Central Coast Hoof Sports

  Click Here to visit the CCHS Website.


Guest Judges:

                                                                 Karen Rohlf (USA)
  Karen Rohlf trained for over 20 years in dressage and studied 
  Parelli Natural Horsemanship directly with Pat and Linda Parelli.

  She has trained horses and students to the upper levels of
  dressage, represented the USA 4 times on the Young Riders 
  team, passed her USDF 'L' Education (judge training) Program
  test with distinction, and was accepted into the USEF 'r' judge

  She now divides her time between traveling the world giving
  clinics and training at home at her Temenos Fields in Ocala, Florida. 
  Click Here to visit Karen's Website.

                                    Avis Senior (UK)
From a young age Avis has felt a deep empathy with horses and her life with horses has
  taken Avis from riding ponies truly free as a child to having to 'conform' to tradition as a
  teenager.  She qualified as a BHSAI in 1994 coaching both freelance and in BHS
  approved establishments.  In 2011 Avis added the titles Reiki Master Teacher, Equine
  Reiki and Reiki Drum Master Practitioner, and Animal Communicator to her resume.

  Along with starting, schooling, and rehabilitating horses, Avis has coached riders of all
  ages and abilities - from pleasure riders to competition riders. Her passion has been
  with riders at grass roots level with the purpose of steering them clear of Dickensian
  traditions regarding the handling of horses.

  In 2015, Avis released  her book 'Horse Riding Choose Your Weapons - an insight into
  we, our aids, and our gadgets can become weapons against the horse in an instant' to
                                                     bring her teachings to a wider audience.  Buy the book Here.

Show Secretary & Gear Checking Steward:
Karri Nadazdy (Bitless Inc Treasurer & Marketing)

Special Thanks to Gill Shepherd
(Bitless Inc Secretary) for writing the Dressage Tests.



Click Here for How To Enter

Showing Ring (Photos):

  1. Ridden Equine
  2. Driven Equine/s
  3. Liberty Equine
  4. Bareback and Bridle-less
  5. Leading Rein 
  6. Other Animals Ridden or Driven
  7. Ridden Competitve Equine
  8. Driven Competitive Equine

    Showing Champion & Reserve

    Sporting Ring (Photos):

    Click Here to view the full Program

  9. Dressage
  10. Jumping
  11. Trails/Endurance/Trec
  12. Obstacles - Over  
  13. Obstacles - Under 
  14. Mounted Games/gymkhana
  15. Historical/Re-enactment
  16. Australian Sports 

  17. American (Western) Sports 
  18. European Sports
  19. Team Sports

    Sporting Champion & Reserve

    Video Ring:

    Download courses: Click Here.
  20. Dressage - Walk/Trot (Ridden) 
  21. Dressage - Canter Included (Ridden)  
  22. Freestyle Dressage to music - Walk/Trot (Ridden)
  23. Freestyle Dressage to music - Canter included (Ridden)
  24. Driven Dressage - Walk/Trot (Singles or Multiples) 
  25. Driven Dressage - Canter Included (Singles or Multiples)
  26. Showjumping - under 50cm (Ridden)
  27. Showjumping - over 50cm (Ridden) 

  28. Showjumping - (Inhand or Liberty) 
  29. Agility - In Hand 
  30. Agility - Liberty 
  31. Agility - Ridden  
  32. Gymkhana: Strip Poker - the bitless game (Ridden)
  33. Gymkhana: Strip Poker - the bitless game (Driven) 
  34. Gymkhana: Weaving Poles - (Ridden)
  35. Gymkhana: Weaving Poles - (Driven) 
  36. Funniest Equine Videos

    Video Champion & Reserve

    Novelty Ring (Photos)
    Members Only

    Click Here to view the full Program

  37. First Time Bitless 
  38. Trick Horse  
  39. Longest Mane (or forelock) 
  40. Equine Tongues 
  41. Equines and their animal friends 

  42. Horses in Strange Places  
  43. View from Between the Ears
  44. Equine Appreciation (Photography Award)

    Novelty Champion & Reserve

    Show Grand Champion & Reserve

    Best Junior Award

    Guest Judge's Choice Awards

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