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What Is The Bitless Inc Bridle Bank?

We understand how hard it can be to convert to bitless for the first time, let alone to choose a bridle from the many available that is comfortable for both you and your horse, and suitable to the activities you intend to participate in. The Bitless Inc Bridle Bank is an initiative of Bitless Inc, to help Australian riders and drivers try various brands and styles of bitless bridle to help decide what suits them and their horse.

Enter The Bitless Bridle Bank Here

We are so fortunate, as modern equestrians, to have so many brands of bitless bridles available to us, but sometimes too much choice can just be confusing!  Every style, and even different brands, will work differently on your horse, and your horse will like some brands more than others. 

Whether you are:

  • Totally unfamilar with bitless, but curious about how it works 
  • Familiar with riding in a halter, but not a bitless bridle, and you'd like to know what difference it might make
  • Familiar with riding bitless, but need a more presentable bridle for competitions, and are not sure which one to chose
  • An experienced bitless bridle user that needs more subtle communication than your current bridle can offer 
  • An instructor or coach with bitless students and you'd like to experiment with the tack yourself before teaching others
  • Or you might be happy with your existing bridle, and just curious about new brands and styles

Then the Bitless Inc Bridle Bank could be just what you are looking for! 

The Bitless Inc Bridle Bank is available to individual Members of Bitless Inc, and to Guests at Club organised Come and Try Bitless Days.  Members may chose one or more bridles to try at home on their own horse, or as a small group, or loan the whole Bank for a weekend to run an advertised Come and Try Bitless Day.  Hoof Sports Clubs run a Come and Try day at least once a year.

The loan of bridles is $10 per week, regardless of how many bridles you loan, plus postage costs.  Loan fees can be paid by Paypal or Credit Card only.  Fitting instructions are all included, as well as some general tips to ensure your safety while using the Bitless Inc Bridle Bank.  Most bridles in the Bridle Bank are beta, webbing or rope, so that they can be sanitized easily between uses and do not require much maintenance.  Some suppliers only make a leather version of their bridle. 

If you wish to purchase a bridle, you can do so directly from the manufacturer, or distributer, Bitless Inc does not sell bridles, nor do we benefit financially from the sale of any bridles.  Most of the bridles in the Bitless Inc Bridle Bank are generously donated by suppliers, some have been donated by individuals who owned bridles they not longer need or use, and some have been purchased by Bitless Inc.  The Bank is provided to help more people make the switch to bitless, and to see for themselves, just how easy and enjoyable it is to do.

Members are encouraged to share their experiences trialing bitless bridles in the BItless Inc Members Forum and on our Facebook Page. 


Our Donors include (please remember to thank them when you can!):


Enter The Bitless Inc Bridle Bank Here