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All the Bitless Inc documents and forms can be found here.  All documents are online forms or in PDF format, and will download when you click on the document title below.


Rules & Regulations 

     Bitless Inc Constitution 2013-present
     Bitless Inc Code of Conduct 2013-present
     Bitless Inc General Safety Guidelines 2013-present
     Bitless Inc Permitted Bit List 2013-present
     Bitless Inc Insured Activities 2013-present
     Certificate of Currency - Public Liability 2016-2017
     Certificate of Currency - Personal Injury 2016-2017


     Membership Application Form (printable)
     Online Membership Application
Join Here
     Bitless Bridle Bank Rental Request Form 
     Authorised Member Application Apply Here
     Expenses Pre-Approval Form Contact Us
     Insurance Claim Form Contact Us


High Point Award Logbooks

     Bitless Inc High Point Award Log Book Competitive in pdf (printable)
Bitless Inc High Point Award Log Book Recreational in pdf (printable)
     Bitless Inc High Point Award Log Book Volunteer in pdf (printable)
Bitless Inc High Point Log Books in xls (digital)

Dressage RuleBook and Tests

    Dressage RuleBook (courtesy of TSAI)
    Training Dressage Test 1.1
    Training Dressage Test 1.2
    Training Dressage Test 2.1
    Training Dressage Test 2.2
    Training Dressage Test 3.1
    Training Dressage Test 3.2
    Training Dressage Test Freestyle Walk Only
    Training Dressage Test Freestyle Walk/Trot
    Training Dressage Test Freestyle Walk/Trot/Canter

Other Documents

     Hoof Sports Clubs Resources Click Here
     Information for Clubs, Groups & Event Organisers  Click Here
     Published Research About Bits and Bitless Click Here
     Articles About Bits and Bitless Click Here

Bitless & Pieces Newsletters 

Issue 3, May 2015 

Issue 2, April 2014

Issue 1, December 2013



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