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Hoof Sports Resources **Under Construction**

These resources are available to Hoof Sports and Affiliated Independent Clubs of Bitless Inc. 
Written permission must be granted to other organisations, individuals or businesses who wish to use these resources.


Form Templates:

Entry Form & Conditions Template

Come & Try Bitless Day Application Template



Loan The Bitless Bridle Bank

Authorised Member Application

Guest Membership Forms


Purchase Placing Ribbons:


Purchase Good Horsemanship Awards:

Independent and Hoof Sports Clubs receive up to 6 free Good Horsemanship Ribbons per year.

Additional ribbons may be purchased below:


Purchase unique 2 or 3 tier ribbons:

2 Teir ribbons are suitable for unofficial or closed club competitions etc

3 Teir ribbons are suitable for official competitions, end of year results and National Events etc.




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