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Joining Bitless Inc offers some great benefits!

Membership covers you during Bitless Inc training activities, play days, recreational rides/drives as well as competition (any activity listed publicly on the online Member's Forum calendar).  $20 Million Public Liability insurance is provided by Altoria Insurance Solutions Pty Ltd.  Small groups of friends can now rest assured that everyone can be covered for their equestrian get togethers at an affordable price. 
Guest Membership is also available to provide temporary cover for non members for the duration of an event, including informal events.  An Authorised Member must pre-register to be able to sign up Guests at any Bitless Inc activity. 

Bitless Inc covers you for your out of pocket expenses for personal injury while particpating in Bitless Inc recreational equestrian events and activities.  Valid for members 16 - 80 years of age.  Personal Injury Insurance is provided by Accident And Health International Underwriting. 

At any event that welcomes Bitless Inc Members.  At this time, any event organiser may chose to permit Bitless Inc Members to participate (additional club fees and competition entry fees may apply).   You will need to check with event organisers that they allow bitless or bridleless horses prior to the event.
Running events for Bitless Inc Members has never been easier, and in most instances, event organisers will not need to obtain any additional insurance.  You can also easily start your own bitless club. 
As our numbers grow, we can campaign for more competitive opportunities in the mainstream equestrian community.

Join forces with the Bitless Inc Community and find Members local to you, Clubs and informal groups, event and competition listings, special offers from Affiliate Clubs & Groups, bitless bridle reviews, information on training and tack, plus more, in a supportive, inclusive environment.  All activities taking place through Bitless Inc are listed on the forum calendar.
The Bitless Inc High Point Award is designed to reward and support Bitless Inc Members who are actively participating bitless or bridle-less in equestrian activities and events, and demonstrating how safe, reliable, and versatile bitless and bridle-less equines really are!  The High Point Award has 3 categories: Recreational, Competitive and Volunteer, with Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels in each category.  The High Point Award is a competition against yourself, Members have 5 years to collect enough points to claim each High Point Award.  For more information, Click Here.

Bitless Inc's Annual Online Show is a photo and video competition that runs for eight weeks each year, with real ribbons being sent to class winners and champions.  Bitless Inc Members recieve one free entry into every class in the Annual Online Show, some classes are open to non members internationally for a nominal fee.  Entries from horses and other prey other animals, such as cows, goats, camels etc are also welcome!
We understand how hard it can be for people to convert to bitless for the first time, let alone to choose a bridle from the many available that is comfortable for both you and your horse, and suitable to the activities you intend to participate in.

With donations of bitless bridles supplied by manufacturers and retailers, Bitless Inc provides a low cost way for you to try different styles of bridles, at your own home, and on your own horse.  We do not sell bridles, or recieve any commission for any bridles you do buy, and there is no rental charge when the bridles are returned within 7 days.  Postage costs do apply.  You can then contact the manufacturers or local resellers directly to purchase your chosen bridle.
Members may rent the whole Bitless Bridle Bank to use at a Come and Try Bitless Day* in the member's club, which can help share the cost, and encourage new members to try bitless in a safe environment.
More information on the Bitless Inc Bridle Bank can be found here.  If you would like to see your bridles available in the Bitless Bridle Bank, please Contact Us here.
*Conditions apply.
To assist Members who are in the process of transitioning to bitless, but aren't quite ready to let go of their bits completely, and to welcome Guests who are considering joining their local Bitless Inc Hoof Sports or Affiliated Club, Bitless Inc permits a limited selection of bits that may be used whilst a Bitless Inc Member or Guest.  Check the Permitted Bit List to ensure that any bit you intend to use is allowed.  
Bitless Inc does not condone or endorse the use of any bit on any animal for any purpose.  Studies have shown that bits increase stress and anxiety in the horse, which means that the bit user is not as safe as one on a bitless horse.  

The Bit Use Levy is a one off annual payment of $30 ($30 per event for Guests) and permits a Member to use a device from the Permitted Bit List only and be insured while doing so.  Members and Guests who have not opted in to pay the Bit Use Levy may not use a bit at any time while representing Bitless Inc (while participating in any activity logged with Bitless Inc, Hoof Sports or an Affiliated Independant Club).

The Bit Use Levy funds promotion and advertising of the Bitless Inc Bridle Bank.

Ready to Become a Member?  We can't wait for you to join us!

STEP 1 - Chose a level of Membership

Enthusiast Membership will suit most Member's needs, and allows you to get on with enjoying your horses in training and at events.

Bitless Inc Memberships 







Location/Age Restrictions


Australians     18 years +

16 years +

Australians Under 16's
& over 80's

   & Visitors
Any age 

International Residents
Any Age 

Annual Membership Fee





*$35           Single Event


Bit Use Levy


Bitless Only



$30             Single Event


Participate in Bitless Inc Events** 



$20 Million Public Liability Insurance



Personal Injury Insurance 





Must wear helmet when riding or driving


Membership can be upgraded to higher level at any time (subject to Committee Approval) 


Within 30 days without penalty  

Free Entries in Online Show



Eligible to Enter High Point Awards



Quarterly Digital Newsletter



Access to Members' Only Forum



Notification of Bitless Friendly Events



Eligible to attend AGM/GM's



Eligible to make policy suggestions



Discounts on BI merchandise







Eligible to loan from the Bitless Bridle Bank2





Eligible to be an Authorised Member





Eligible to Register a Hoof Sports Club





Eligible to join Bitless Inc Comittee






Eligible to nomimate Committee Members 






Eligible to Vote on Bitless Inc Decisions






Eligible to claim pre-approved expenses






*  Guest Membership only available via a Pre Authorised Member for a Single 
Event Only.  Guest Membership can be upgraded within 30 days by 
contacting the Secretary and paying the difference without additional fees.
** Check with Affiliated Groups for Details, additional Costs may apply
Up to 80 years of age
Postage and Late Fees may Apply

STEP 2 - Join Online Now

The printable Membership Application Form can also downloaded from our Documents page.
Or Contact us and request a form by Email, or to be posted to you.
Once your membership application is completed and received by Bitless Inc, please allow 1 - 4 weeks for approval by Bitless Inc's Committee.  You will recieve your membership pack by email. Contact the Secretary for urgent membership approvals.
It's that easy!  We look forward to meeting you!
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