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Why Go Bitless?

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Why Go Bitless?

Why wouldn't you??  Studies have shown that bitless bridles are as safe as using bits, and are less stressful and painful to horses.  Click Here for links to Research and Articles about bitless horses.

Any horse can go bitless, but not every rider (or driver).  It takes courage to trust that you are in control and safe the first time you try bitless.  Most people find it ends up being a non event for their horse, and an exciting milestone for the rider or driver.  Just like any other tool or piece of tack, as long as you prepare your horse properly, you will find the transition straightforward, and enjoyable for both you and your horse.  Ensuring your horse is safe comes from training, not equipment. 

With the huge variety of bitless bridles now available, there is one to suit you, your horse and your chosen sport.  Bitless inc has established a Bitless Bridle Bank, so you can test different styles at home with your own horse, making it easier than ever to choose the right bridle for you.  Its a great low cost opportunity for the bitless-curious to give it a go and see what all the fuss is about, without having to commit to a purchase.  Bitless Inc does NOT sell bridles, nor do we earn any commission or kick back from suppliers resulting from use of the Bridle Bank. Its an independant service for the benefit of our Members.  

Our Members Only Forum also provides support, information, contacts and links to assist your transition to bitless.  We can also help put you in touch with a local instructor who or trainer who can assist you and your horse. 

Whether you have already converted or are considering it, Bitless Inc is here for you.


Transitioning To A Bitless Bridle

Click Here for a Step By Step Guide to Converting to a Bitless Bridle for the first time. 


Research On Bits and Bitless Bridles

Click Here for a list of published research on Bits and Bitless


Articles on Bits and Bitless Bridles

Click Here for links to articles about Bits and Bitless Bridles 


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